About Diesel maintenance

About Campbell’s Diesel Service

Benefit from Years of Experience and Reliable Services

Campbell’s Diesel Service can provide you with the most dependable services available for any type of diesel truck or equipment. We have the capabilities to provide the best results with every service. You won’t need to turn to anyone else with our full suite of services intended for all types of diesel engines.

We Understand Our Customers’ Needs

Since our inception, Campbell’s Diesel Service has been devoted to providing customers with top-quality services and parts that keep their vehicles performing optimally. You never have to worry about your vehicle suffering from inefficiencies or poor-quality components when you entrust Campbell’s Diesel Service with your diesel service.

If you’re looking for automotive repair and auto maintenance services, then Campbell’s Diesel Service is your answer. Our quick and timely auto repair services will allow you to quickly get back to the road. Visit as at 231 Main Street Mountain View, OK 73062.